Expertise is value

At the end of an M&A process, whether the sale of a company or the pursuit of a partner, only one feeling should remain: certainty that the best possible transaction was made.

igc believes that the best transaction is when the client has the conviction that the best opportunity did not pass by, and no doubts remained.

In these cases, expertise is the difference between frustration and full accomplishment.

Expertise brings trust and helps clients make confident decisions

Transactions run better. Expectations are met. There is certainty that the best deal was achieved.

igc’s expertise is just as unique as the opportunity presented by a transaction.

Expertise is experience

Our success in conducting transactions is a result of our expertise.

Our experience comes from over 20 years of accumulated knowledge on the market and more than 200 closed deals.
We are the leading advisor in total or partial sale operations, fund raising, mergers, acquisitions, joint-ventures and strategic alliances.


The year of our foundation


Transactions successfully concluded within igc


Of the transactions were closed by our current partners

Expertise is closing

The expertise, in the end, materializes in closing deals. And in that, we are unbeatable.
It is what moves us today and always.

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